It's Ok Thursday

Time for It’s Okay Thursday!

It’s Okay Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays 
I love Thursdays…partially because I work Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays so Thursday = my Friday.  I also think I have a residual giddiness left over from college when Thursdays meant 1$ tap beer and wings and the official start of the weekend. You think that would have worn off by now what with me having graduated from college prior to the new millennium and all but apparently not.  Mostly, I love Thursdays because I get the chance to cathartically justify all the less than perfect aspects of my week. Love that. So, here we go…
  It’s okay…

That Husband got a new iPhone and we spent way too much time talking dirty to Siri last night and giggling like 8th graders.

That this is only my second post this week. Life happens.

That I’m experiencing a little “Blogger’s Block” lately and am really hoping my blogging mojo returns soon. Until then, you are all going to have to be satisfied with this drivel.

That I just tried to be clever and typed a mash up of “blogging” and “mojo” and while the result was hilarious, I deemed it a bit too inappropriate. Even for me.

That trick-or-treating is on Saturday and neither of my kids’ costumes are fully assembled yet. Somehow it will happen…not sure how but it will…
That deciding that I’m probably one of the last women Justin Timberlake touched before getting married has brought me great comfort.
That Mr.Man put fruit punch in a wine glass last night and said, “Look Mom! I’m drinking Mommy Juice!” I’m so proud.

That’s it for now, Loves! 
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