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Thred Up: A Review

Happy Monday, Loves!
And a special shout out to all the new followers I’ve acquired over the last week! I realize the vast majority of you are here because of the giveaways I’ve sponsored and not because you actually think I’m the bees knees but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick around and become my new BFFs! 
Okay, maybe being BFFs is a little premature. And even a little skeezy considering I sort of bought your friendship. But our questionable beginnings aside, I’m glad you’re here and I hope you stay just cause you want to and not cause I bribed you to. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And not that I’m above doing it again {hint: I’m planning a fun giveaway when I hit 100 followers…tell your friends and your mama!} 
See that? I just did it again. I feel dirty. But in a good way. Now that I’ve made it weird for everyone, let’s just move on, shall we?
I’m excited to share this website I found with you guys. If those of you with kids are anything like me, you are buried in piles of their old clothes. I always say I’m going to have a garage sale but that seems like entirely too much work and not worth the effort in the end.

As I’ve told you guys before, we made the decision for me to reduce my hours at work this year to increase my sanity and give me more time with these rapidly growing punks of mine. The downside to that is that money is a little tighter around here so I’m always looking for ways to save. This website I found is awesome in that regard…
A friend of mine introduced me to Thred Up, which has turned out to be a great solution to my dilemma. It’s basically an online consignment shop for kids’ clothes. You can sell your old clothes to them and either use the credit towards purchasing other gently used items from the site for super cheap or you can cash out with Paypal and get some cold hard cash in your hands.
Here’s how it works:
You go to the Thred Up website and order a bag to be sent to your house for free. In a few days it arrives in an envelope like this:


Inside is this ginormous plastic bag:

I filled it to the brim with kids clothes. They are totally cool with you mixing sizes and genders. There are some specific guidelines as to what they will accept, though. No clothing under size 12 months and they have very specific criteria for the quality they want. Basically, they’re looking for like new name brand stuff. You can go to the website to read the guidelines in detail.
Here’s the bag after I filled it up:

The bag comes prepaid with postage for both the USPS or UPS. How easy is that? I just dropped it on the counter at the post office and walked out. Easy peasy.

I will tell you it took several weeks before I heard back from them about receiving my bag. I was about to get annoyed when I got an email from the company apologizing for the delay with a credit for an additional $10 to add to my total once they processed my stuff for my trouble. Sweet! Yay for good customer service!

If anyone wants to know how to cheer me up if you’ve irritated me apparently, all you need to do is give me $10. That totally did the trick and made me love this company even more. A little something to keep in the back of your minds for future reference. Just sayin’.

A few days later I got an email telling me my bag was processed with a link to my bag’s page. It details what I got for each item, if each item has sold or not and my total credit.

I earned a total of $27 for my kids’ old clothes (not counting the extra 10 they spotted me). It’s not a ton of money but considering the effort I put into this process was pretty minimal, I think it was worth it. Especially, since I will probably use it towards purchasing more clothes from them and each item on the site sells for around $3. 

So that’s my story, guys. I’m so excited to use this service. I have no time in my life to screw around with things that are complicated so believe me when I say this was so easy to deal with. Love that.

By the way, I wasn’t paid or compensated in any other way to promote this business. I just stumbled upon it and wanted to share my good experience with you. 
That is all.
I’m linking up for the first time with Pushing the Lemons et. al for the Mom’s Monday Mingle! 

Have a great week, Loves! I’ll be back tomorrow with some fun Halloween crap I found on Pinterest. Me and DIY projects…always entertaining. Stay tuned!




  • SEL

    Thanks for sharing this. What an awesome site! I'll be looking at it to get rid of some of my daughters clothes! Yay!

    Found you from the linkup. Newest follower!

    Swing by if you can.


  • Unknown

    Glad you had a good experience. I had a VERY opposite experience. I sent in a completely stuffed bag with over 20 item and received $7. It was of good quality, in fact better quality than the items I have purchased from thredUP in the last two months. As I have done a little research today I have discovered that your experience is minority and most are more like mine. Additionally they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. I would purchase clothing from them again but NEVER sell to them. I expected to receive a lower payment since it was so simple compared to something like ebay but was shocked. I emailed them and got a generic response that said one of the reasons my items were rejected was that I included sleepwear, which I did not. Just wanted to share so others don't have the same negative experience.

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