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The Realization That I’ve Become a Gardening Wannabe Soccer Mom

It’s so funny how aging works.  In my head I am about 22.  That’s how old I feel.  I see young 20 somethings out and about and think for a brief second-“Ooooh, I love her outfit-I need to find a cute shirt like that.”  And then in the next instant I realize that I’m almost 15 years older than that girl and I’ve given birth twice and my boobs are no longer high and dry and my muffin top would be oh so sadly accentuated in that shirt.  Not to mention I would look like a 35 year old having a mid-life crisis if I went out in that shirt. And where the hell would I be going in that shirt anyway?  My idea of a crazy night out these days is dinner at 5:30 in a restaurant with children’s menus and crayons.  The shirt would be a little too much for that scene, I’m thinking. Oh well. 

So anyways-my point is (I think there’s one in here somewhere) is that I wanted to post a few pictures of my budding indoor, soon-to-be-outdoor, garden but I have to hurry cause I need to shuffle My Boy off to his Soccer Team Photo and I realize that it’s really nerdy that a) I have an indoor garden and b) I have a kid who needs to get to a soccer team photo.  The reason these things feel nerdy is because, as previously referenced, I feel like I should be about 22.  Thank You.

Here’s my little garden–I’m so proud.  I really am.

So these photos took waaaaay too long to upload and now we’re gonna be late.  Story of my life.

More later,


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