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The Graduate

It is officially the first day of Summer Vacation around here.  The day it really hits home that Summer has come…I should be running around like a looney tunes today, what with it being a week day morning and all…but I’m not.  I am drinking coffee and doing silly dances with my kids (I just retrieved the little game “London Bridge is Falling Down” complete with actions from the bowels of my memory-don’t ask me how) and I’m positively blissed out.  Blissed. Out.  So much so that I feel kind of guilty. 

You would think I completely hate my job…I don’t.  It’s just that it can become so stressful…and adding on top of that the responsibilities of keeping up a household and bringing up two little souls who will one day become positive additions to the universe (or at least, not axe murderers) can just become a lot.  The shedding of one of those layers of stress at this time of year is always such a euphoric feeling-I can’t really describe it.  It will fade, I know. But right now I’m in that hopped up crazy happy stage. 

If you’ve ever given birth you know the feeling…it’s that crazed happy hormone adrenaline induced haze of pure joy you feel the first time you hold your slimy newborn after hours of trying to push it into the world.  It’s such a strong chemical rush it can cause typically rational people like myself to shout psychotic things to their husbands like “I want to have ten babies!” “Let’s get pregnant again right away!!”  just minutes after giving birth.  Yes, I really said that.  Good. God.

So before we get knee deep in summer I thought I’d better post some pictures of my little dude’s Kindergarten Graduation last week.  I can barely look at these pictures.  It’s a striking slap to the face that throws me into the reality that he is just so big.  You can actually see his teenager face in there somewhere starting to leak out.  I can’t take it….

The Kindergartners assembled in the school garden for the ceremony

Singing “What a Wonderful World” Tear. Jerker.

Diploma in hand as he tip toes through the daisies

Too Cool For School…pretending he’s never met the psychotic crying woman with the camera

My Men-Z is definitely not the post man’s son
I love his goofy face

He definitely belongs to me as well as you can see by our matching pastiness

Here’s to the first day of summer!  Cheers!


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