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Swimming Lessons

Have I mentioned how much I love where I live?  I do.  It’s such a nice feeling.  We moved here just last October so we are enjoying our first summer in this smallish town.  My dream is that eventually we’ll have actual friends here in our neighborhood to socialize with. Hang out on each other’s decks, watch each other’s kids, gossip about which ever neighbors aren’t around…that kind of thing.  But it turns out that in order to make friends you have to go and introduce yourself to people and get to know them.  People don’t apparently knock on your door and say, “Hi!  I heard you’re new in town!  Let’s be best friends!”  Too bad.  Cause that would really shave a few years off this process for me…
I wanted to share some pictures of one of my favorite things about this town so far…all the lakes!  My kids are actually taking swimming lessons in a lake! Something about that is just so wonderful to me.  So Norman Rockwell, so Mayberry, so nostalgic, just so..charming.  Unfortunately, my children do not share this opinion.  They are horrified by the prospect of  swimming in a lake.  A really, really cold lake.  I’m making them suck it up for the sake of my Norman Rockwell fantasy. 
That’s my boy there on the end.  The one shaking with terror and plotting his mother’s demise.
If you look closely you can actually see him yawning in this one.  Oh, and when his turn came along to jump in the lake…he respectfully declined.  And then flipped me the bird.  Okay-not really.  He doesn’t even know about “the bird” yet.  But if he did, that’s what he would have done.
Doesn’t this look like a post card?  This is walking distance from my house!  Heaven.

Here’s one (without the cool retro photo effects) that gives a perspective of my view of both my offspring from the shore.  Each in their respective lesson.  Handy labels have been added for your viewing pleasure.

Some more scenic shots of the beach and park areas.

 I promised them a trip to the ice cream truck if the stayed in the water for the entire length of the 30 minute lesson.  I am not above bribery, that’s for sure.  Especially when a Norman Rockwell photo op is on the line.

Can you tell I have been having a little photo editing fun?  I can’t believe I only recently discovered Picnik.  It’s so cool and easy!  It’s a free photo editing website, check it out if you haven’t!
So that concludes our photo tour of the day, my friends.  Just to let you know-I’ll be away from FUMC until Monday.  I’m leaving on a jet plane early in the morning for a mini vacation.  I’ll tell you all about it when I return…
See you soon!

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