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Sunshiny Day

 It’s not actually a sunshiny morning here in Wisconsin (my part of Wisconsin anyway)-it’s foggy and gross.  The humidity is suffocating.  Thank goodness I don’t have thick, curly hair.  I hear people with thick, curly hair turn into show poodles on days like this.  Days like this actually give me a rare chance to feel grateful for my boring, stick straight locks. 

Gratitude.  It’s my new thing.

So, in effort to cheer myself (and perhaps, you!) up this fine foggy morning, I thought I’d share a picture I took yesterday of the sunflower I planted near my deck that finally decided to grace us with its presence and bloom already!

Isn’t this dreamy!  I’m in love with this photo.  It’s another one I took with my iPhone using Instagram.  I know, again with the me and the Instagram but I can’t help it–I’m all about it lately. 

*Disclaimer*(I’m not getting paid to plug Instagram or anything.  I hear you can plug stuff on your blog for money but I am way not cool enough to even know how to go about that.  If I ever become that cool I will let you know.  But, for now, I’m just innocently enthusiastic about Instagram.  Thank you.)

Sunflowers make me happy…they’re just such a happy flower, don’t you think?  (I have Meg Ryan on the brain.  Name that movie.  Hint: she was actually talking about daisies, not sunflowers). 

Have a happy day (foggy, sunny, or otherwise)!


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