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Summer Bridge Activities

I found this workbook series for my boy to work on over the summer and it’s worked out really well so I thought I’d share.  It’s called Summer Bridge Activities-it’s designed to review material from the grade your child just finished in the beginning of summer and then gradually begins to give them a preview of skills for the upcoming grade. 
The idea is that the child completes one or two pages each day-each month of summer is color coded and labeled for that day (i.e. the second section, day 18 corresponds to July 18th).  Mostly my boy has been able to complete the pages on his own with minimal support from me.  As we get deeper into summer it’s getting more and more challenging so I’m being called on a little bit more. 
This is about as close as I’ll ever come to homeschooling.  I have much respect for those who are able to do that but it is definitely not my scene.  This  has been fun though-and the boy Loves doing it.  He’s kind of a freaky, rule-following, school-loving first born though just to be clear.  There’s a page of stickers in the back of the book and after you complete your work for the day you get to choose a sticker to put on the bottom of the last page. 
Why are stickers so motivating?  When does that end?  I hope not soon.  I’d like to be able to bribe my kids with stickers well into high school if I can.  “You filled out the registration forms for the SAT’s?  Nice work, sweetie.  Here’s an alien sticker-I know how much you like those!”  What?  It could happen.
Anyway-here’s what the workbook looks like:

This is the Kindergarten to First Grade level.  It covers basic reading skills as well as math.  They also throw in some physical fitness stuff too.

The books for the little guys have colorful, inviting pages. 

It’s a very manageable daily activity so he doesn’t get overwhelmed and looks forward to it each day.

He gets that weirdo “lefty” business from his dad.
If you do happen to check these books out-make sure you’re getting the latest version from 2010.  The original series is from 2006 but I understand the updated books are much more colorful and user friendly. 
I love it so much cause it’s just enough to keep their little brains sharp and prevent “summer slide” without being totally psycho and hard core and sapping the fun right out of their summer fun. 
P.S. It’s still hotter than Hades in these parts.  If you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because I’ve melted into a pool of mush.  Thank you.

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