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I had the craziest day today.  Good crazy, but crazy.  It was crazy cause of all the spontaneity but those are the days that really get me going. 

It was supposed to be a boring rainy day that started off with a dentist appointment for my little darlings and ended with cleaning the house frantically before my sister and nephew arrived for a visit.  Instead we went straight from the dentist to an impromptu trip to the hardware store since I happened to hear on the radio that they had weed wackers on sale.  I love a good weed wacker sale, what can I say?  (Also-my darling husband/father to my children has been hinting that he really wants a new one for Father’s Day).  Whatever floats your boat, Buddy.

At the hardware store I happened to find a shelf full of those large ceramic planters that look like tea cups and are painted all colorful and funky.  Do you know the ones I mean?  (I’ll post a picture tomorrow) I’ve wanted one for ages to put out on the deck and couldn’t find one anywhere.  Who knew they would turn up in such an unlikely place?  Not only that-they were on sale!  Sometimes all it takes is $17.95 to make your dreams come true.  If your dreams involve owning kooky flower pots, that is.  I’m easy to please.

After that-a spontaneous visit to Daddy at work and an unexpected lunch date with him.  The man can drive me batshit crazy but seeing him all important and proper in his workplace with a fancy tie on still gives me butterflies.  Miss A, of course, made sure to tell him all about the gift we just bought him but at least she remembered to tell him in a whisper and add “But don’t say anything to you, Daddy cause it’s a supwise!”  at the end. I love that little vixen…

The lunch date happened to occur at the mall which lead to me impulsively purchasing this cute little number from the clearance rack at Old Navy:

It’s going to be perfect for the little mini vacation I’m taking next week but that’s another post all together…

There’s more to the story but the gist is that my sister and nephew arrived from Illinois and were welcomed into my ransacked house. It’s a good thing sisters are genetically obligated to deal with your scattered dirty laundry, dish-filled sink, and toothpate encrusted bathroom counters without passing judgement. (If you have a sister like mine who is a totally freaky clean freakazoid she’ll usually wordlessly just start deep cleaning your house without batting an eye and then you act like your embarrassed but really you’re super excited that someone’s cleaning your house which she totally knows so she just keeps cleaning to calm her OCD and everyone is happy). Miss A had her first ever ballet class, and I skipped Pi-Yo class so I could eat Eggplant Parmesan with said sister.  To summarize, it was a really great day.

Before I go, I must mention this amazing blog I stumbled upon today.  In particular, this post  just blew me away.  If you are a young mother, were a young mother, know someone who was/is a young mother or you just plain like good writing you must read this. 



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