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Significantly Less Than 25 Random Facts About Me

Who remembers the craze that swept Facebook a few years ago…25 Random Facts About Me? Back when people still used the Notes feature on Facebook. Are the kids still using Facebook Notes nowadays and I’ve just missed it? I don’t know. I’m old.  I’m old and I have crows feet and I’ve started saying things like, “I’m pushing 40” and no one corrects me. But that has nothing to do with anything.
My point is…slowly…coming back to me…oh, yes! Facebook and 25 Random Facts About Me. I loved those posts! I loved reading them almost as much as I loved writing my own. Which sounds incredibly narcissistic I realize. But that is what it is. I loved that there were always things about even my closest friends that I never knew…so deliciously voyeuristic!
I thought that since I’ve gotten a few new followers in the last few weeks I’d resurrect my favorite old gem and let you in on some little known facts about yours truly. I won’t actually do 25. My ego does know some bounds…

1. My middle name is Love. And you may have noticed my first name is Jen. Which is short for Jennifer. Which means my name is Jennifer Love. As in Jennifer Love Hewitt. Only I’m not her, I’m older than her {and slightly less famous}. This means that it was my name first and that skinny bitch stole my name. Whateves.  

2. I eat a bowl of cereal almost every night before bed. 

3.  I’m the oldest of 5 kids. There are two sisters and three brothers. My youngest brother is 19 1/2 years younger than me. I changed his diapers and now he’s driving. I like to think of myself as his young, cool aunt rather than his really old older sister. This is him with my sister..

We’re thinking we’re going to tell him he’s adopted when he turns 17.  Just kidding…we told him when he turned 16. He was totally shocked but he worked through it. 

4. I have a little problem with sarcasm

5. I don’t have pierced ears. I’m so fiercely allergic to metal that eventually the holes become hot infected messes and I have to let them close. And not in the good hot mess way, in the gross puss-filled way. Go ahead and picture me staring forlornly off into the distance with a single tear running down my face whenever you post about a cute pair of earrings you snagged because that’s what’s happening.

6. The girl who’s been doing my hair for forever is back from maternity leave and I’m so excited to no longer be in serious need of some highlights, I could scream. 
7. I looove to read. This is the next book on my list to start…

Several Bloggers I read daily have recommended this one and I can’t wait to start it.  It’s an historical fiction based on survivors of the Titanic. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with Titanic history so I’m really excited for this one.

8. I adore traveling and discovering new places although I rarely get to do it at this stage in my life…what with two young kiddos in tow and a budget with much less expendable income than I’d like. I know that will all change soon enough and when it does I intend to tour the world. 

9. My husband and I chose our son’s name while watching a University of Wisconsin men’s basketball game. We couldn’t agree on any names and so finally my husband decided that we would use the name of the next player to touch the ball. That is the name we ended up going with, no lie. He loves that story…

My daughter was named after a highway sign. We would pass an exit for a town a few exits before my sister’s house in Illinois and I always thought that it would make a great name for a girl. I was right, it totally is. At least my girl…

10. I have a borderline obsessive love for Coney dogs and fortunately I have a best friend who’s dad makes the most kick ass Coney dog sauce on the planet. I dream about it when I’m feeling sad and vulnerable.  

Okay, Loves…that about covers it for now.  Your turn to tell me about you…what’s something hardly anyone knows about you?  Give me something juicy!




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