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Shop My Closet!

As I’ve mentioned before, we made the decision for me to reduce my work hours significantly. It has been a very good thing other than the strain it’s put on our budget. Pretty much most non essentials have had to be sacrificed for the time being.

 Something big that I have had to give up is upgrading my camera.  I have wanted for so long to get an SLR camera and take a photography class and learn to take great pictures of my kids. Having a blog has just made that want of mine even stronger, as you can imagine. 
Since a $1000 camera is definitely considered a non essential item and because there is absolutely no room for that in our budget, and because every contest I have entered to win one just hasn’t ended up in my favor (go figure),  I decided I needed to find another way to make that a reality for myself.
That is how I came to Tradesy. If you follow me on Twitter you may have caught the annoying tweets in which I was attempting to lure you into buying my old crap. Actually, none if it is really old and none if it is crap. But, whatever. Now you know why.

My BFF introduced to me Tradesy, which is basically an online consignment shop. Much like Thred Up for kids’ clothes which I posted about here, only it’s for women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.  I like the concept even better than Thred Up in that, you list each of your items yourself and set your own price. Tradesy does offer a suggested list price for you based on the retail value though, which is nice. You can either save the money in a Paypal account or use it as a credit to buy other people’s old crap ( again nothing I’m speaking of is actual crap. I just find typing “crap” amusing. I’m really mature).

I listed several items over the weekend and already three of them have sold!  Yay! 

Here are the other items I have for sale and links to purchase them if anyone happens to be interested. Know that I’m doing this for you…I can no longer stand by and watch your eyes to burn at the sight of my ghastly blown out photos. Aren’t I altruistic? Never mind. Anyway, please indulge me while I hock my goods for a good cause:

 This is my baby. She is the Coach Poppy Flower bag I bought myself for my 30th birthday. I adore her. You  know I must want a new camera more than anything if I’m willing to give her up. I would love it if one of you bought her so I know she’s going to a good home. Here’s a link. Go ahead and click on it….go on…Oh, God, I can’t look. Seriously though, my girl here does have a little wear and tear (they are just signs of how much I loved her). She’s got a bit of staining on the flower fabric part and the leather strap is showing a bit of wear but nothing huge. That is why she is on sale for $81.00 which includes shipping. I purchased her for around $280 several years ago if I recall correctly. That would be 73% off retail, Loves. Snatch her up before someone else does!

 Okay, I’m promise I’m not as attached to the rest of these items. This leopard dress is really sexy yet sophisticated on. It’s a size 6. It’s not designer but it looks like it could be. I wore it one time for a night out in Chicago for my sister’s birthday. I got hit on by not one but two extremely attractive men while wearing this dress, for the record. Ok, fine. One of them was old enough to be my dad, had hair in places there shouldn’t be hair and kept calling me a “broad” but that’s not the point. This dress is hot. You should buy it. For a mere $25.87 including shipping it can be yours.

I love this little number.. It’s from White House Black Market. Size 8. It’s a 100% silk halter dress. A very classic style and very, very Marilyn. It comes with a black silk sash, not pictured. I wore this to a wedding not long after Miss A was born, it’s so flattering and very comfortable. Perfect for dancing your bootie off all night long. It doesn’t fit me anymore which is the only reason I’m parting with it. $48.84 and it’s yours.
These shoes are seriously a steal (size 7).  I’ve only worn them inside to try them on. Bought them online from Ann Taylor LOFT for 79.99 and every time I go to wear them I give up and take them off before I even leave the house.  The heels are just a bit too high for work…I would look a little lame clacking around the halls of an elementary school dodging kids in these bad boys. *Sigh* But you can have them for a mere $29.46 including shipping!

Finally, the pictures don’t really do this dress justice.  It’s Ann Taylor LOFT, size 6. I’ve only worn it a handful of times.  It’s so cute for work with a cardigan, but can totally be dressed up for evening with the right accessories. The color is a dark lavender with a bit of grey undertone. More purple than grey which I don’t think is coming across but truly it’s very pretty. 

The best part is the exposed zipper in the back! So fashionable!
This one’s going for $38.32 shipped!

So there you have it. A peek inside my closet. 🙂 
One last thing, if you are looking to list some of your own stuff (which I highly recommend-so easy) with Tradesy, do us both a solid and take yourself over to Tradesy’s seller’s page via this link.
Tradesy will give me AND you $10 if you list an item via my link.  How cool is that!

Thanks, guys! Happy Shopping!



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