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Rock the Vote

Whatever your politics, I hope you all went out and rocked the vote today, my fellow Americans. Even if you’re someone who believes voting would just be choosing between the lesser of two evils, you should still be part of that choice. 
Someone’s gotta be in charge if this shznit. You might as well have something to say about who that is.
Here’s what I think:
1. The right to choose your own leader is a big ass deal that you shouldn’t take for granted.
2. The individual chosen to lead a country obviously significantly affects the path of said country but not more than the actions of individual citizens on a day to day basis. We are all still responsible for educating ourselves and our children, for making sound financial decisions for our families and making the absolute best use of what we have, for doing what we can to help people that can’t help themselves whatever that looks like to us, and for generally contributing more good than evil to the world. We are all capable of doing these things no matter who the president is. 
3.  If I never get another political robo call again it will be too soon.
4. If I never have to sit through a church service again during which the priest insinuates that I will go to hell unless I vote a certain way, it will be too soon.
5. If CNN doesn’t stop projecting a state winner with 0% of the votes in I’m going to lose my mind.
6. If I don’t get these kids to bed and get myself into a pair of yoga pants soon it’s not going to be good for anyone involved.
{That last one has nothing to do with politics, it’s just something I was thinking as long as we were on the subject}
Whatever the outcome, let it be known that I’m grateful for being a citizen of this big, dysfunctional, beautiful country of ours. 
Happy Election Day, Loves!


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