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Rethinking Wallpaper

A quick post today as I am frantically preparing for Mr. Man’s big birthday bash tomorrow.  He is turning 6!  It doesn’t seem possible….but more on that later.   

Anyway-I have a decorating idea that I’ve been mulling over….wallpaper.  I’m typically horrified by wallpaper but my sister insists that it’s coming back.  All I can conjure up are images of bad 80’s florals, pastel splatter paint and country geese with little bows around their necks.  I’m shuddering just thinking about it. 

But then I found this:

It’s from Anthroplogie and I think it’s kind of fabulous.  There’s a little wall in my living room that I think would make this work.  I want to repaint the other walls in there a chocolaty sort of brown. 
I’m going to hash it over while I frost two dozen cupcakes to look like baseballs.
God help me.
Happy Weekend!

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