Polish Swap,  YOLO MONDAY

Polish Swap and The Big FUMC Make Over Reveal

Welcome to the new Filling Up My Cup!

Isn’t it beautiful?  I’m so excited to finally have my own fancy schmancy place in the blogosphere! I owe it all to the design talents of Kristen from From Kristen, With Love. If you are in need of a blog make over be sure to head over there and check out her work! She’s fabulous!

This little make over also forced me to hook up FUMC with my social media accounts like a legit blogger.  I’ve had a Twitter account for forever but have yet to dispel my first tweet.  To be totally honest, Twitter confuses and frightens me. But I’m going to suck it up and likely my first tweet will be about FUMC. I also created a Facebook page just for the blog as well as a new email.  So…get in on these shenanigans on the ground floor kids and follow me! If nothing else it will be highly amusing watching me stumble along and dork it up as I figure all this out. 

Okay, on to some regular business…

I’m so excited to be apart of a nail polish swap hosted by Carly from Lip Gloss and Crayons and Rachel from La La Lists!
Our fantastic hosts set us up with a swap partner and I was lucky enough to be paired with Lauren from Seek First. We’re all linking up today and showing off our goods.

lala Lists

Lauren and I decided to swap polishes from Essie, one of our favorites.  I requested two shades of “deeper fall pink”. Could that be more weird and vague? Somehow Lauren nailed it and hooked me up with some amazing colors!

These are the lovely colors she sent me (with the cute bag she sent them in as a backdrop). 

The one on the left is Very Structured. It’s a great pinkish hued brown-Perfect for fall! On the right is Infatuation a perfect dark watermelon-y pink. Definitely more fall-like but still a fun color.

{OMG, I can’t believe I’m showing you a picture of my feet! I hate feet}. Anyway, don’t worry-this is a before shot of my sad little piggies before receiving my new polish. Gross.

And here are my polish-less unmanicured fingers.  

And here’s a nice close up of my grody cuticles.  Apparently, someone swapped out my delicate, lady like hand with a claw-like swollen man hand. WTF?? Nasty.

I decided that since the blog was getting a make over, my nails deserved one too. Rather than struggling through a self manicure and ruining the effect of my beautiful new polish, I decided to splurge and go to my favorite place for a Mani/Pedi! Yay me! And to be real-I absolutely suck at doing my own nails.  Hence the unkempt nastiness shown above. 

Ahhhhh….Seriously, is there anything better than a pedicure? I think not.  They are one of my most favorite things in life. I love sitting back in my massage chair, sipping on a Diet Coke, and reading an entire magazine while my tootsies are pampered.  

And, incidentally, you know what else I bet I’m going to love? Yeah, that cake from the latest edition of O.  Have you seen this? It’s red velvet cake made with red wine. I’m totally making that soon…Cake? Gooooood. Wine? Goooood. Mixing cake and wine…how can that not be the stuff dreams are made of?

Anyways…after my pedi I moved on to the mani.  I don’t have any pictures of that in process for you. Because 1.) I didn’t have a free hand to take the picture and 2.) Even if I did there would have been no way to sneakily snap a shot with my phone without my manicurist knowing what I was up to and thinking I was a total jack-ass. 

It was definitely in my best interest not to piss her off at this point, trust me.  She took one look at my cuticles and practically lost her mind.  She was Vietnamese and didn’t speak any English but let me tell you, there is definitely body language that transcends language barriers and clearly communicates the message, “What the hell is wrong with you?? Who lets their nails get this gross? It’s going to take me all afternoon to plow through these beastly things you disgusting excuse for a female.”  Even though she was muttering to herself in a language I didn’t understand…I promise you, that’s exactly what she was saying.

Thankfully, she contained her anger and did wonders with my nails. Here’s the after:

Can I just say, since Pinterest, I’ve always wanted to take a perfectly-done-nails-artfully-grasping-the-nail-polish-bottle-they’re-polished-with shot. Yay! Cross that one off the bucket list…

Isn’t it a great color??

And here’s my toesies:

I love this color for my toes! It’s hard to tell in this picture but it’s got some pink hues as well as some purple, depending on the light.

I had so much fun participating in this swap!  Thanks again, Lauren for choosing some great colors for me and for being a great swap buddy!

  I’m also linking up with Molly and Carly for #YOLO Monday.

And don’t forget to stop by Seek First and visit Lauren, my wonderful Swap Buddy!

Have a great week, everyone!



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