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Pinterest Inspiration: DIY Halloween Spider Web in a Frame

I have to admit, I was never much into Halloween until my husband and kids came along. Husband loves Halloween and has passed that on to his children. You may remember how the three of them think it’s hilarious to scare the bejeezus out of me every Halloween. 

{That hasn’t ended yet, by the way…Rat Bastard has been found in the dryer, the bread basket, and my make up bag since then. I’m about ready to check myself into the funny farm in case you’re wondering).

I’ve really tried to step up my enthusiasm for the sake of the ungrateful crapheads precious darlings I call my own. 

When I saw this cute spiderweb on Pinterest I was inspired to try it myself:

{Here’s a link back to the fantastic blogger who came up with this idea}

 It looked pretty easy and didn’t involve tons of tools or special skills which is what I like in a craft project.

I found a couple frames at Goodwill and took out the cheesy artwork and the glass.

 I especially liked this one…it’s already a kind of spiderweb-y shape!

I spray painted both the frame. Spray painting is so easy! Why haven’t I been spray painting things my whole life? Next time I’m bored, I’m totally spray painting the kids. Kidding. {Kind of}. 

I decided to stay away from the predictable orange and black and I went with a lovely purple color for the rectangular one.

And green for this one, just like in the original blog post.

I’m embarassed to admit it took me a minute to grasp the concept of making the web. I have poor spatial skills. Leave me alone.

I just used plain old masking tape to secure the yarn and it worked great. Weaving the inner circles of the web through the base of the web formed by the criss crossed strands was easy once I got the hang of it.

I added some plastic spiders to my webs as a finishing touch! After messing around with glue, I found the best way to secure them onto the web was just to tie them with a bit of left over yarn.

I really love how these turned out! And I scored big points with the family! The kids think I am extremely amazing. It’s about time they figured that out. Maybe now they’ll stop trying to give me a hard attack with that stupid rat…but I won’t hold my breath.



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