Kid Pics,  Zoo

Our Morning Adventures at the Zoo

My sister and I took our three kids to the zoo this morning.  This is a picture of me and my babies about to depart on the Zoo Train.  If you live within a 100 mile radius of this zoo and you have little kids, there is no way you don’t  have this exact picture somewhere in your files.  All is well in this moment…and then the train whistle sounded and Miss A lost her mind.  Her pleasing personality did not reappear for the rest of our stay.
Introducing my darling sister and her darling little boy.  He was digging the train and incredibly amused by his cousin’s shrieks of terror.
 (Little known fact about my sister and reason #527 why I love her so much: She refuses to eat food from a concession stand at a zoo, any zoo, because she is convinced there will be wild animal hair in her food) 
I love this shot and I can’t wait to frame it!  My nephew worships his big cousin-he was so overcome with love that he came up behind him to give him a squeeze. (I totally get where he’s coming from-that blond kid is pretty cute).
The Three Amigos.  We were standing there watching them stand there for a full 5 minutes before we realized there were no animals anywhere around.  I have no idea what was grabbing their attention but we weren’t about to ask questions.  What with it being so quiet and all.
You could put a quarter in this chair and get a foot massage.  These dweebs were too short to reach the massager thingy but they LOVED getting to put a quarter in the slot anywayIt reminded me of one of my grandpa’s famous quotes, “I swear to God, if they sold bags of poop in vending machines my kids would have asked me for nickels to put in the slot.” (I miss him so much it hurts, sometimes)

We can’t leave the zoo without stopping to see the giraffes so we can shout, “Hi Melman!!!”
(Name that movie!)

I don’t think they’ve ever not fallen asleep on the way home from a Zoo trip. All that walking and all that nature everywhere can really tucker you out.  And in the case of today if you’re Miss A, flinging your body on the ground and wailing in protest several times per hour is also an exhausting undertaking.
They are just waking up from their naps as I write this.  Which is a good thing because we’ve got another adventure to get to tonight!
See you tomorrow,

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