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Our Favorite Book of the Moment

Taking a break from watching The Royal Wedding coverage to quickly share with you a book my kids and I have been reading over and over again for the last month.  It is very apropos for the season especially here in the Midwest where Spring traditionally takes it’s sweet time in getting here…

Love, Love, LOVE this book!!  The illustrations are created from a cut paper technique…so gorgeous.  It’s a simple story about a mother and child waiting for summer to come.  So sweet and beautiful.  Both my kids have it memorized…they call it “The Summer Book” and ask me to read it almost every night.  Nikki McClure has a new book in this style just published earlier this month, To Market To Market, that I can’t wait to get my hands on as well.  Check them both out!  (I’m having Reading Rainbow flashbacks right now-just so everyone knows).
I’m off to soak in more of William and Kate and then on to a play date with My Girl…
The sun is finally shining here!  Nothing like a little natural vitamin D to restore my pleasing personality.
Hoping the sun is out where you are,


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