9/11,  Book Recommendation

Never Forget

This book was just published a few weeks ago…it tells the story of Andrea Haberman, her family, and her fiancee, Al in the aftermath of 9/11/01.  Andrea was 25 years old and grew up in a small town not far from mine in Wisconsin.  She was on her very first business trip to NYC-it was the first time she had ever been there.  She had a meeting at 8:30am on the 92nd floor of the north tower of the WTC.  She was nervous and she got there early.  Andrea never made it out.

Al and Andrea met in college where they both attended with my BFF, Lisa, a good friend of Al’s.  I got to know Al over the years because of Lisa (I inadvertently almost got him kicked out of the dorms freshman year-long story) and I met Andrea on a few occasions.  She was extremely shy and I don’t know that she said more than a few words to me-but it was obvious that she was incredibly sweet.  

The book is both heart breaking and heart warming all at once.  I can’t recommend it enough.  It illustrates that 9/11 did not just affect New Yorkers-it’s effects stretched throughout the entire country and beyond.

A portion of the proceeds from Just a Few Sleeps Away will go to 9/11 charities.  Please check it out….

We must never, ever forget.


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