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Mother’s Day and Other Musings

See what I mean about the me and the not posting very much until school is over thing?  Sheesh. 

I don’t know how other moms are able to pull off working full time all year round.  There’s never any time to do everything you actually need to accomplish in any given day.  Either the children are fed or they have clean laundry.  Never both.  Okay, some how both of those things usually get done in reality but that’s how it feels in my mind.  The only sanity I have is knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I will have 12 whole weeks off to just concentrate on this whole motherhood/maintaining my house situation.  That is hard enough and feels like two full time jobs without all the other stuff added on.

To recap my week: I had a lovely Mother’s Day.  We drove 3 hours or so west to visit my mom for the weekend and had a really great time.  The highlights of the weekend included; Chuck E Cheese, kids at prom who were at Chuck E Cheese (is this a thing now?) and my daughter being convinced that there were real live princess there, late night cocktails with my husband, mom and brothers, a visit to a horse ranch, a fancy Mother’s Day brunch, and a long walk along the Mississippi River.  Who could ask for more?

The rest of my week until now went something like this…get up early; scramble like insane people to get everyone dressed, washed, fed and out the door to our respective responsibilities; deal with work shenanigans for 8 ish hours; grocery shopping; picking up kids; after school snacks and homework; making a semi-respectable dinner; cleaning smears of cheese off the living room windows; baths, books, bed; having grand intentions to post something, read something, clean something, or organize something; deciding instead to veg out in front of American Idol/various shows on OWN; sleeping; not sleeping because a 3 year old girl has found her way into our bed and is kicking me in the spine; alarm; snoozing alarm; husband yelling at me to get out of bed and stop snoozing the alarm; lather, rinse, repeat… 

I wasn’t kidding about the cheese on the windows thing, either. That really happened.  That is my life. 

On tap for this weekend is a Brewer’s game for the Boy and his Dad tonight while My Girl and my cousin’s little girl and I nosh on delivery pizza.  Followed by two (count ’em-two!) back-to-back early morning soccer games for The Boy and then leaving from the soccer fields on a trip to a water park resort to spend the rest of the weekend with my husband’s extended family.  I plan on drinking heavily during those last two events  so I will have lots of stories for you I’m sure.  I’m kidding! (Kind of).

Before I go, here are some pictures from Mother’s Day Weekend!

My mom reading a book to my little girl on her porch…in fact, it is actually this book! See, it really is our favorite! Incidentally, that book on the table next to them is called, Does a Pig Flush?. It’s a fabulous potty training book if you happen to be entering that glorious stage of life. It’s written by an M.D., but more importantly, it uses the word “poop” at least 236 times.  Kids dig it. 

My Boy feeding a carrot to my brother Chris’ horse, Bently.  Isn’t he beautiful?  (The horse, not my boy or my brother-but they’re pretty cute, too).

My Girl and the poor cat she stalked all over the horse stables.  She followed him around saying, in a creepishly sweet voice, “Hi Caaat!  Come here, Caaaat!  I love you, Caaaat! Don’t worry, Caaaat! I just want to squeeze you and pull your tail and generally terrorize you, Caaaat!”  Okay, not really on that last one.  But that’s what she meant.  And what she would have said had her vocabulary been just slightly more advanced than it already is.

My mom and me looking quite fabulous, if I do say so myself. 

And finally, a photo of me and my two darling cherubs.  The sweetest, loveliest children on earth.  My reasons for living. The only human beings for whom I would willingly throw myself in front of a speeding train if it meant saving them….

Aren’t they just a dream come true?  Arrghh!  The saddest part is how stupid and happy I look.  I’m thinking how great it’s going to be to have such a nice picture of me and the kids. If there were a thought bubble over my head it would say, “I bet this one’s going to be a framer!”  I’m such a sucker. 
Enjoy your weekend!


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