It's Ok Thursday

It’s Ok Thursday-#1

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Its Ok Thursdays

It’s okay that my husband’s and my guilty pleasure is watching Tosh.O after the kids are in bed and we find it wildly hilarious even though neither of us fits the intended demographic of 18-24 year old males.  By a long shot.  Especially me..what with not ever having been male and all.  Let’s not even get into how long it’s been since I was 24.

It’s okay that I can’t remember the last time that I scrubbed my kitchen floor but the dirt just blends into the grain of the hardwood so you can’t tell…much. 

It’s okay that I hate conflict so much that watching all the interrupting and tension during the presidential debate last night made me so physically uncomfortable I had to leave the room. 

It’s okay that I fell asleep while Mr. Man was reading out loud to me in his bed last night and he totally busted me but I told him I wasn’t asleep I was just listening so hard I had to close my eyes so I wouldn’t get distracted by all his cool posters and he totally bought it.

It’s okay that I broke down and ordered some super cute rain boots for myself from Zulily this week after I just got done lecturing my husband on how we really should get rid of our satellite t.v. subscription to cut back on our expenses. And it’s okay that I rationalized this by telling myself that keeping my feet dry will help keep me from getting sick thus cutting down on our medical expenses.

It’s okay that I just went to Zulily to look for an image of the boots I bought to show you and couldn’t find one but came extremely close to purchasing a random sweater that I don’t really need.  Like, in my shopping cart, credit card info entered close. I have a problem. Let’s not talk about it….

Happy Thursday!


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