I Believe

I Believe


{This post is making it’s way around the blog world today and I just had to join in…I love this idea!}

….That the grass may be greener but that green grass doesn’t come for free.  Everyone bears their own crosses no matter how rosy their life looks from the outside…

…That 50 Shades of Grey is a disgrace to literature.  I also believe that the fact that I read all three books this summer doesn’t make me a bad person and that if Ryan Gosling does not get the role of Christian Grey I will die a thousand deaths.

…That birthday’s are a big deal and should be celebrated in grand style no matter what

…That you should listen to your own heart and drown out all the other voices.  In the end, you are the keeper of your own soul and are wiser than you give yourself credit for when it comes to knowing what makes your heart sing…
…That life is too short not to order the big Margarita
…That planting your own garden is a gigantic pain in the ass but is one of the most gratifying endeavors one can partake in
…That owning a dog can be a gigantic pain in the ass but it is also good for your soul
….That if everyone planted sunflowers in their yard the world would be a happier place in which to live
…That if I ever have a cat I will name it Stella.  To be clear, I don’t ever want to have a cat but if I am ever forced into a situation in which I find that I am, indeed, a cat owner it just seems right to name it Stella.  
…That the fact that I attended high school in the early 90’s when baggy clothes and goth were fashionable and that I also weighed 105 pounds and had non child bearing hips during this era and that skinny jeans did not come into fashion until 20 years later after said hips had born children is a tragic irony of such epic proportions that only Alanis Morrissette would understand it…  
…That, speaking of Alanis, shouting out every bitter lyric to You Oughtta Know, with special Alanis-esq emphasis on the F word part while driving down the highway by yourself is one of the most cathartic experiences ever
…That if you pay attention, God gives us signs His presence every single day…sometimes they’re unmistakable and sometimes they’re very subtle but they are always there…

…That having dreams about making out with Justin Timberlake when you’re a 36 year old mother of two is perfectly acceptable probably not something that you should admit to in public
…That marriage is hard but it is worth it. That anyone who spends a lot of time telling you that their marriage is amazing and perfect all the time is probably trying to convince themselves that that’s true.  That it is possible to love someone so much it hurts and to love them a thousand times more than the day you walked down the aisle but to also daydream about punching them in the face from time to time. Just sayin’…
…That motherhood changes you in ways that you could not possibly have imagined before it happens to you.  That before you have a child you think that you will just go on with your life only with a child in tow but that’s not the way it works.  Your heart blows up with love and fear and nothing that matters before matters at all and people and ideas that were once in your life before kids will fall away and that will be sad but it will also just be.  You will still be a whole person aside from motherhood but all of your decisions for the rest of time will forever be tempered by their needs before you can consider your own and it will rarely occur to you to be bothered by that.  But there will be times when you are bothered by it and the only solution is to share a bottle of wine with a girlfriend and complain to each other for hours about how hard it is and that’s okay too.

….That  I’m so tired that I need to end this post and go to bed but the fact that I’m so tired is preventing me from coming up with a normal way to end this post and all that is going through my head right now is “I like chili dogs.” So, with that, I will end with my strong belief in Chili Dogs and all that they stand for and call it a night.  

Sweet Dreams Everyone!


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  • Michelle

    LOVE this list!! And if a 43 year old can lust not only over JT but Zac Efron (waay more inappropriate) than at 36 you're well within the legal limits! And I, too, spent the 90's (my 20's) in baggy clothes and giant sweaters and shoulder pads and completely wasted my darling figure. Ditto for ponytails with oversized hair bows (at 24 yrs. old. Makes me shudder).
    And the chili-dog ending may be the best blog post ending ever.
    🙂 m.

  • Jen

    Ha, well if we're confessing everything I will admit that I've forced my kids to watch High School Musical for my own selfish purposes more times than I can count. 🙂 Always love it when you stop by, thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for bringing me to tears (of laughter- the best kind of tears) with your daydream about wanting to punch your husband in the face from time to time. I have this non-PC daydream myself from time to time! I look forward to sharing a bottle of wine -or a carafe of Sangria?!?- with you very soon!

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