I am Grateful…

 I am grateful…..
That my children are healthy and happy and thriving
That we live in a home that we love coming home to
That I get to go to work with people that I would chose to hang out with even if I didn’t have to
For old friends and inside jokes and pourable burgers
That there are actual people I’ve never met who read the stuff I write on purpose 
To be married to a guy who still makes me laugh my weird laugh that only comes out for certain kinds of funny
For growing into my own awkwardness to the point that I consider it one of my best qualities
 For children who inherited my love of nachos and unadulterated excitement over “Make Your Own Nachos” night
For finding the strength to stand up for my own sanity and for Mondays and Fridays at home
For having friends that feel like family members and family members that feel like friends
For wine
For the creativity inspired by the necessity to learn to live with less
For Facebook,Twitter, and Pinterest not being invented until after I graduated from college cause that whole graduation part may not have happened
For a mother who taught me to love books and writers and words
For a past with enough sketchy memories to be interesting but not enough to have caused permanent damage
For Coney Dogs
For even older friends and for going to Dairy Queen instead of going out for track
For finally accepting that I should never, under any circumstances, have bangs
For a sister who gets me and loves me unconditionally and tells me, without hesitation, when I look fat
For the opportunity for enough time away from my kids to help me remember what was so much fun about my life before them and why I wouldn’t trade my life with them for anything in the world
For yoga pants
To be continued….


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