High uh, ..Two for Friday

I’ve got to be honest…I’m having some trouble coming up with five things to write about for High Five for Friday this week.  It’s not that this has been a horrible week and I have nothing good to say or anything.  It’s just been…I don’t know…just another week.  I’m feeling guilty like I’m being all glass half empty, not appreciating the small things and I just kicked a puppy or something.  

I think that’s one of the weird tricks blogging can play on your mind.

You can get yourself into this pattern of feeling like you have to find the funny, inspirational angle in every event in your life.  Like every moment has to be worthy of writing about.  Some moments just are and it’s not that they’re not valuable, they’re just not always worth the effort it would take to describe them. You know?
Any who….

I do have two things that have lit my hair on fire this week so I’ll start by sharing those with you, Loves.  That may be where this ends in which case, we’re going to have ourselves a High Two for Friday and we’re all going to muddle through the awkwardness of that sentence together.  You never know… I could end up with five things and  it wouldn’t be the first time I started one of these posts having no idea what I would be talking about at the end of it.

Are you thoroughly confused and bored by me yet? I know I am.
Here’s my first…umm, high.
My new Dav Rain Boots arrived from Zulily! Aren’t they to die for? I’m in love…and I’m considering moving to Seattle or a rain forest somewhere just so I can get more use out of them.  The best part is that I randomly had a $15 credit at Zulily so that combined with the huge discount Zulily always offers meant I only spent about $25 for these with shipping!
Next, I’m totally in love with the new Mumford & Sons album, Babel. I’m listening to it now as I write this…it’s just so, so good.  It’s been a long time since I’ve downloaded an entire album.  The whole record is amazing.  If you’ve never listened to these guys before you should..they’re brilliant.

Okay…that’s all I’ve got. Are we still friends? I promise I’ll bust into next week doing cartwheels and try and get over this whole Eyore thing I’ve got going on right now. Deal? 

Have a lovely weekend friends!




  • Jen

    Those boots are so cute! I have been wanting a pair of rain boots forever! And on a random note…how do you get your pin it button on a certain image? Mine won't work that way 🙁

  • Jen

    Jen, Go to the Pinterest website to the Pin It Button page..the third one down is "Pin It Button for Websites" which is different than the follow me button. You have to manually add the pin it button to every post you want it to show up in. There's a form there you fill in with the URL of your post and the URL of the image you want people to Pin and the description of the Pin. That will generate an HTML code that you can copy and paste into the HTML version of your post where ever you want it to go. There's a shorter code below the button code that you have to copy and paste into any post on your site (it won't show up) the first time you do it. After the shorter code is on your site once you don't have to add it again, only the button code. Hope that helps!

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