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High Five for Friday!

It’s High Five for Friday Time!

Some of my highs this week include:


 Finally getting the chance to bust out the Kate Spade Sparkle clutch my mom gave me for my birthday a while ago. It’s so adorable! And so fun to have a little luxury item I would never buy for myself. I’m grateful to have a mama that gets that. 


I love, love this photo of my mom and sister and I taken last weekend. These are two of the strongest, most beautiful women I know. Also, the craziest…in a good way {mostly}.  It runs in the family, what can I say. I heart them.


I’m just going to continue with my theme of name dropping this week…did I mention George W. Bush waved and saluted to me at the Ryder Cup? (I swear, he’s looking right at me in this picture, my sister was next to me snapping the photo). Our group of friends and family was gawking at him from a window above the courtyard where he was standing. Whatever your politics, it was the coolest thing ever to see a former president up close. It was also fascinating watching the secret service in action…total bucket list moment!


I snagged this awesome candle at Target yesterday…have I ever mentioned my deep love for salted caramel?  I was so pumped to find it in candle form.  It’s burning right now and smells heavenly.  Also, how cool is this whole package design (I’m a sucker for packaging)? Melt has to be the best name ever for a line of candles.  Oh Target, you never disappoint…


Okay, this one is going to expose my computer illiteracy and overall lameness but I got this external hard drive thing this week for my laptop and it has improved my life a thousand fold.  The memory on my laptop was so full with pictures, videos and music that I couldn’t upload anything new and the computer was super slow. Even though most of the pics had been uploaded to online sites, it was all totally disorganized and I have this irrational fear of losing stuff so I couldn’t make myself delete anything. (Crazy, I know). Everything was so disorganized it was giving me the heebie jeebies. I organized it all and moved all of my archived photos and videos over to the external hard drive and set everything up for a weekly back up which I hate to admit I’ve never done.  I have so much piece of mind now, not to mention essentially unlimited storage space.  Phew! 

So that’s it! Probably the most eclectic, random High Five ever!

Have a great weekend, Dear Ones!

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