4th of July,  Kid Pics

God Bless America

Hello, dear friends!  My posting rate has gone to hell in a hand basket…yes, yes, I know.  I promise I think of you every day..honest, I do!  I will share with you what exactly I’ve been up to that’s kept me away from my laptop for so long…

Because of the way the 4th of July fell on the calender this year and due to the fact that we were part of several celebrations that happened to be spread across three days we had an extremely well, uh-Extreme 4th of July/Independence Day celebratory experience around here.  

The festivities started on July 2nd with our hometown parade and fireworks show.  July 3rd we were lucky enough to get to attend a big, private, fancy schmancy gala down on the lake front. The papers touted this fireworks show as the biggest and best in the Midwest and I think they may have been right.  Holy Crap was it amazing!!  And, holy crap did we have good seats! 

Finally, July 4th brought us to the lake house of my sister’s in laws and to yet another fireworks show in the tiny little town my husband and I grew up in.  Have I ever mentioned that we grew up together?  At one point we lived just a few houses apart.  I literally, almost-kind of married the boy next door.  But that’s another post all together….On to some photographic highlights of our week!

I’ve always wanted to make one of these flag cakes that you see everywhere…it was gorgeous.  For this photo at least and approximately 37 seconds afterward.  I didn’t give myself enough time to bake the cake before we had to leave for the party and ended up frosting it with whipped cream while the cake was still warm.  Let’s just say there’s a reason why they tell you to cool cakes completely before frosting them.

My boy aka Captain America, right before we left for the parade.

Curbside waiting for the action to start.

Isn’t this dreamy?  A shot of the sunset over the lake as we sat on the bank waiting for the fireworks to start.  Have I mentioned that I love it here? 

Day two at the fancy schamcy party…it was seriously like Never Never Land.  People kept coming up to us  with trays and offering us random things.  “Would you like some cotton candy? Would you like a glow stick? Would you like a glass of champagne?  Would you like a fresh pair of underpants?”  It was in.sane. But oh, so fun!

Obviously there were patriotic clowns everywhere offering to paint the childrens’ faces.  Duh.

The boy was soooo excited by this!  Apparently I’m a horrible mother and I’ve never let him get his face painted before.  Who knew? 

Miss Thing chose to be a fairy princess.  So we knew that all was right with the world and things were as they should be.  Not quite sure how this design makes one a fairy princess but it involved glitter and pink so she was happy.

One of those photos that causes my sappy mama heart to swell and I just want to leap into the picture and squeeze her little face off cause I love her so much.  

Mr. Man decided to go with Harry Potter.  He was so proud.  We started reading the HP series this summer-we’re half way through book three and he’s digging it big time.
I snapped this a few minutes after the first fireworks started going off…look at that face!  I wasn’t kidding-it seriously was one of the most amazing shows ever!

The fireworks lasted an entire hour!  By the time this was taken it was around 10:30pm…my babies were sleepy!
A few hours of sleep and onto to celebration number 3 at the lake house!  Yes-they are wearing the same outfits as the night before, in case you were wondering.  And yes, I was hand washing that little white dress at 1 am to get the cotton candy stains out of it.  I do what I have to do…not wearing red, white, and blue on the 4th of July in my family is one of the most grievous crimes.  Which seems really weird, but it’s true. 
I have a freaky red, white, and blue family photo like this for the last several years.  I’m really not a Stepford Wife-I promise.  We just really, really get into the 4th of July.
Eating cupcakes sans shirts is a wonderful summer tradition…look at those green eyes!  Many thanks to the father of my children for those puppies! 

At our third and final fireworks show of the year.  Miss A is probably going to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but no one will accuse her of not loving her country…
So that’s it!  I’ve spent the last two days in my pajamas and I think I may be just about recovered from the exhaustion.  What did not get captured in photos is the part where we took the kids back to grandma and grandpa’s after the fireworks and went out until 2 am with some high school friends.  I still have a headache.
Hope you all had a lovely 4th!  (Or just a lovely week if you happen to live elsewhere on the big old globe and didn’t find it necessary to celebrate America’s birthday-in which case you probably stopped reading this post a long time ago so, nevermind).

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