Friday List,  Gratitude

Friday List

I love lists so I think I’m going to make the Friday List a regular thing here at FUMC.

In keeping with my theme of gratitude…

A List of Reasons Why Going Back to Work Isn’t That Bad


I have a freakish love for new school supplies, always have.  I was so excited last year when I got to relive the thrill of shopping for school supplies with my own child for the first time. ( I took that photo, by the way!  One guess how I did it).

I added this one just for you THL!  Photo Credit: Tracy Weston Photography

2.  When I go to the bathroom at work, generally speaking, my coworkers rarely bust in and ask me to make them a snack or try to climb onto my lap.  So, that’ll be nice. 


Thursday Treat Days-Every Thursday is “treat day” at one of my schools.  We all take turns to bring in a smorgasbord of goodies.  I purposely arrange my schedule so I’m always in that building on Thursdays.  That is the main reason why I always lose 10 pounds every summer and promptly gain it back by Thanksgiving. C’est la vie…

4.  During the 8 hours I’m at work, it’s far less likely that I will have to deal with someone else’s poop than if I’m at home.  I work in elementary schools so I can’t say it’s completely out of the realm of possibilities on any given work day but I’ll settle for far less likely.  After 6 + years of parenthood under my belt I’m so over other people’s poop.

5.  On a daily basis I will witness other people’s children having tantrums, making bad choices, and saying horrifyingly inappropriate things which will remind me that my little devils angels are not the only kids that behave that way which is always good for my self esteem. 

6.   I will no longer be forced to listen to the voices of Phineas, Ferb, or Candice during the day.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about consider yourself very, very lucky.


Grey’s will be back on the air!  Is Meredith going to have to raise the baby she and Derrick adopted by herself?  Is she really going to get fired from Seattle Grace?  All of these burning questions will soon be answered, thank God.

8.  Apple picking!  I’ve never picked apples or made my own apple sauce before and this year the Martha in me is just giddy with the possibility of trying it.  You may recall from earlier this summer that I have an odd fascination with picking my own fruit so it’s going to be fun to carry that little quirk into another season.

9.  Snow Days!!  There’s almost always a snow day around here every winter…a day that’s either so cold or so blizzardy that they cancel school.  When you work at a school that means, they cancel work!  There’s nothing like getting that glorious phone call at 5 am in which a recorded voice tells you to stay in bed cause the apocalyptic weather conditions are preventing everyone from going anywhere….ahhhh, I love a good snow day!

10.  Having to go to work every day forces me to shower every day.  That’s a good thing for everyone.  There may or may not have been a day or two this summer during which I counted running in the sprinkler with the kids as my shower for the day….

Have a great weekend everyone!


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