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Easy Peasy DIY Cake Platter

Happy Monday, Dear Ones!
{I’m not sure why I’m calling you “Dear Ones.” I just feels right.  Oddly grandmother-ish, but right just the same}

I’ve been meaning to show off this easy peasy little Pinterest inspired DIY project I did a while ago. Here’s my  “Pinspiration” :

This idea originally came from Jamie at Jamie Cooks It Up

It’s two cheapo Target plates epoxied to an old candle stick to make a darling two tiered cake platter.  Brilliant, right?

I love it when I see an adorable DIY project that doesn’t involve:
 A. A sewing machine (the last time I used one was Home Ec class in 9th grade), 
B. Power tools (they confuse and frighten me) or
 C.  Skills beyond those which a monkey could master (there are monkeys with better crafting skills than me, let’s just be honest).

So, I picked up a pretty dinner plate and salad plate from Target for around $1 each, some epoxy from the hardware store for around $3 and I already had an old glass candle stick with no partner lying around so I was good to go.  Here’s my result:

 So cute, isn’t it? 

 Here’s a close up of the epoxy.  See my fine attention to detail? Yikes.  I’m so lucky I didn’t glue myself to, uh….myself during this project.  Fortunately, you can’t see the messy part underneath unless you’re looking for it.  


 Here’s a shot of it in it’s full functional glory.  And yes, those are the S’mores cookies from this post. I mean, not the same exact cookies from that post…I made a new batch this weekend.  But, you probably realized that.  Never mind.

Anyways…I’m definitely going to grab some more plates next time I’m at Target and some candle sticks from the dollar store and make a few more of these.  It would be fun to get some seasonal ones for the holidays!  And how cute would this be to give to your neighbors filled with Christmas cookies! Love that idea.

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Have a great week, everyone!




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