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DIY Framed Fabric Wall Decor

It’s silly, but I’m so freaking proud of myself right now.  I’m DIY-er, who knew??  
I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest and instead of just repining this little idea to my “Home Decorating Ideas” board and then immediately mentally pinning it to my “Crap That’s Cool But I’ll Never In A Million Years Actually Do” board, I actually did it.  
Procrastination: 0 Me: 1…Yay me!! Okay, so this has got to be the easiest DIY project in the history of DIY decorating projects.  Like, I’m talking a monkey could do this.  But hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere, right??

So here’s my inspiration from the Better Homes and Gardens (via Pinterest) website:

I had just been lamenting to myself about how bare and uninteresting my little first floor powder room was and thought this would be a super easy and super cheap remedy for that unsightly situation. 
So, after dropping Mr. Man off at a play date, Miss A and I scooted on over to our local craft store and headed straight for the fabric section (by way of the candy, toy, and princess birthday party paraphernalia sections thanks to my meandering and incredibly stubborn shopping companion). 
I found four lovely fabric remnants on the shelf of remnants for $3 a piece.  Here they are:
Then we headed down the road to Goodwill in search of some frames.  I found some great frames for super cheap-they happened to have some super ugly pictures inside of them:
Sorry, this is an awful picture-I was burning cooking dinner, talking on the phone with my sister and breaking up fights between my precious offspring while working on this project so I was less than focused on my photography skills.  In fact, you can actually see a shadow of me directly under the chandelier snapping this shot with my iPhone if you look closely. Stupid.  Anyway…
I took out the ugly pictures and placed them on top of my fabric pieces, cut out the fabric slightly larger than the pictures and wrapped the fabric around the cardboard, secured with masking tape, and then reframed the fabric wrapped pictures and Voila! So easy.  
Here’s the finished products hanging on my powder room wall:

Cost of fabric remnants: $12.60
Cost of four frames from Goodwill: $7.32
Total cost of project: $19.92
I love, love, love how this turned out! And I can’t believe it cost under $20!  
I might even be ready to tackle a more difficult DIY project, like making my own dining room table out of a salvaged barn door or some crap like that. If I can frame fabric I can do anything!  Or maybe I’ll just go back to my comfort zone of pinning and dreaming and procrastinating…
Happy DIY-ing everyone! 


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