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I’m alive, back from my travels…I haven’t forgotten about you.  I’ve just been a bit under the weather.  A lot under the weather.  I’ve never been so freaking sick.  I’m on day 7 of the world’s most aggressive sinus infection in the history of sinus infections.  If someone could remove the cinder block that has taken up residence on my face that would be much appreciated.  I have never seen so much green mucus in one place before.  And I have children.  Okay…I’m done complaining.  Not really, but I’ll stop for now.  As you can see-I’ve entered the Woe is Me phase of my illness.  I’m done with being a trooper, I’m done trying to put mind over matter and get on with it…I haven’t taken in air through my nose in a week  and I constantly feel like my eyes are going to pop out of their sockets cause of all the painful pressure.  Okay, I’m really done now-I promise.

At any rate-I was in Boston for the past few days!  I love Boston!  It’s so historic and quaint and New Englandy.  Despite my being sick and the weather there being God awful, I managed to have a lovely time.  My mom, step dad, and two of my brothers went for an engagement party for a cousin of mine.  The kids were home with their dad.  Although I missed them terribly-I got to spend three nights in a hotel room all by myself.  In one of my favorite cities.  Did I mention I was all by myself?  Heavenly.

Here’s a little picture tour of my whirlwind trip…

We got off our flight, dropped our bags at the hotel and immediately met my cousin at the Green Dragon in the North End for lunch.  It is one of the oldest pubs in the country.  Amazingly, the captain and entire crew of the flight we had just gotten off of had the same idea.  My brother spotted them sitting at the table across from us.  Small world!

My gorgeous Bostonian cousin Sarah and I out for dinner at another North End establishment that night.  She looks like she’s trying to make out with a wine glass in this picture, I realize.  But even her profile is beautiful.
 My mom and I on a walk to the Museum of Fine Arts the next morning.  Sadly, I’ve already forgotten what we were standing in front of.  I was hopped up on Dayquil in this picture, you’ll have to forgive me. 
 Me, my mom and step dad on an extremely casual and *ahem* un-staged walk through the city.  Okay-so my step dad set the timer on my camera, positioned it on top of a garbage can, ran like hell back to my mom and I while screaming, “Start walking toward the camera and act like we’re in a deep conversation!!”  It worked, don’t you think?  He’s quite artistic.
My mom and I in front of a piece from the Chihuly Through The Looking Glass exhibition at the MFA.  It’s an exhibit of artwork created entirely from hand blown glass.  I’m not even that artsy fartsy and this blew me away.  If you have a chance to see this, you should!  Amazing. 
My brother and I at Quincy Market (can you see us there in the lower left corner?)   It was so freaking cold in Boston and I was so ill prepared that I had to stop at a mall and buy that jacket.  Argh.  At least it’s cute.  Not that you can really see it here…trust me, it’s really cute.
Me at the Public Garden in front of one of the famed swan boats. 
My brother and I in front of the duck pond in the Public Garden.
Have you ever read this bookIf not-you must.  It’s a favorite from my childhood.  It’s set in the Public Garden in Boston…it’s seriously so adorable.  And I love fictional children’s books set in real life places.  You can’t go to Boston w/o reading this book first.  I’m just sayin’…
See what I mean?  I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a great book…the city gave it it’s own plaque and everything!  If you can’t read it it says, “This sculpture has been placed here as a tribute to Robert McCloskey whose story ‘Make Way For Ducklings’  has made the Boston Public Garden familiar to children throughout the world” 
I’m not sure what to say about this….my mom made us do it. 
So that is the gist of my trip.   It’s always such a catch 22 leaving my family behind.  On a day to day basis when I’m dealing with wiping butts, mounds of laundry and one tantrum after another I feel like all I want is a little vacation from the crazy.  But then, as soon as I’m gone for more than two hours I start to ache for the little devils.  C’est la vie…
And now I’m off to do some more complaining about my ailing sinuses….I’m going to make such a great crotchety old lady someday….

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