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Birthday Weekend in the North Woods

This weekend I was blessed enough to celebrate yet another year in the life of well, me! That’s right…It was my birthday!

It was a really great birthday, I have to say.

My family was invited to spend the weekend “up north” at my BFF’s “cottage.” It seems everyone in Wisconsin either has a cottage “up north” or knows someone with a cottage “up north.” Which means you head north to one of the many lakes in this beautiful state and hang out in the woods and generally recreate on the lake.  Fishing, boating, jet skiing, water skiing, relaxing, heavy drinking, what have you…

Because late August is prime time for said “up north” shenanigans and late August happens to be the time of year the world was graced with my presence, it was definitely not the first birthday I’ve spent in the north woods.  

This is me and my little brother (who, incidentally was born on my 5th birthday-Happy Birthday to you too, B!!) on what was, I’m guessing, our 14th and 11th birthdays, respectively. (Let it be forever recorded that I rocked the Snooki “poof” while Snooki herself was still in diapers). We were undoubtedly celebrating up north at my aunt and uncle’s cottage.  This picture was taken at Paul Bunyan’s Cook Shanty-a famous Wisconsin north woods restaurant, in the very early 90’s. 

And here I am this year, enjoying my birthday dinner. Don’t judge.  My BFF made my favorites…A Coney Dog and Cheddar Bacon Fries.  That’s right.  You heard me.  And that lovely libation I’m holding is my newest favorite…a Beergarita.  Part beer, part margarita…what’s not to love?  And it totally fulfills the “heavy drinking” requirement of being up north.  Wow. 

That would be me and my enabler BFF.  The genius behind all of those mouth watering calories I’m about to consume.  You’ll have to excuse the sloppy no makeup look we’re rocking….trust me, according to North Woods standards, we are smoking hot in this photo.  Also, in case all the cheese and alcohol didn’t clue you in to where we’re from, I went ahead and wore that sweatshirt for you.

This is me and my sparkly pink cupcakes, again compliments of my fabulous BFF.  I’m having one of those telepathic spousal conversations with my hubster as the whole room sings “Happy Birthday” to me.  I’m saying, “Oh my God, this is so embarrassing, I hate having all this attention on me.” He’s saying, “Shut up. You love it and you know it.” And then I’m saying, “I know.  You shut up.”  

If you’re wondering how old I am, you’ll have to work for it.  If you multiply those candles by 5 you will arrive at the age I feel.  You can go ahead and add another 6 to that number if you’re a stickler for actually going by chronological age.  Me…not so much a stickler.  I like the first number much better. 

You may notice the tequila bottle in this shot.  I can not confirm or deny that I was persuaded to do a birthday shot by my BFF’s annoyingly younger 20 something brother and his friends.  I can also can not confirm or deny that I then looked around the room and realized I used to babysit more than one person around the table and decided just to call it a night, for my dignity’s sake.  When you’re old and wise like me, it’s easier to make better life choices.  Usually.  

Before we left we snapped this shot of all of our kids with the lake in the background.  Not only is my BFF a fabulous cook and hostess, she’s managed to pop out some pretty amazingly adorable children.  I love this photo!  I’ve been coming up to this lake with BFF’s family since I was little and I just love that now our kids got a chance to play together and fall in love with this place just like we did…

Thanks for celebrating with me everyone!


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