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    Bringing Back 25 Random Things About Me

    Who remembers when posting 25 Random Things About Me was all the rage on Facebook? If you don’t remember, it was this deliciously narcissistic exercise in self disclosure that was sort of irresistible. I loved reading 25 random facts about my Facebook friends almost as much as I loved writing my own list. Perhaps its popularity was because Facebook was still in its toddler years and we hadn’t all become the gross over-sharers we are now. Maybe it was back when Facebook limited your characters so we weren’t getting as much stuff off our collective chests as we would have liked. Who knows. At any rate, in the interest of getting reacquainted, I thought it would be fun…

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    Filling Up My Cup {Again}

    Who takes a four year hiatus from blogging and then dares to try and return? Apparently, me.  Here goes nothing… Here’s the deal: I’m letting go of the pressure of having to apologize and explain myself to death. Henceforth, my plan is to just start writing about random/funny/interesting/weird stuff again and pretend that no time has passed. After this post, we’ll just do this dysfunctional family style and never speak of this again.  I’m going to assume that we are the kind of friends that can go years without seeing other and then pick up where they left off without missing a beat. We’re cool like that, right? Sweet.  …

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    Hi. I’m Not Dead.

    Imagine, if you will, that I am sheepishly poking my head into the room and waving a small, embarrassed hello. Cause that’s what I’m doing in my head. So, let’s get the awkward explanations out of the way right off the bat. I was unexpectedly gone for a while.  A long while.  I’m not sure why, other than I tend to do that.  Fall off the face of the earth, that is.  Nothing horrible happened, my family is fine. I’m fine. We’re all fine.  I just needed a little break from blogging that I meant to last just through New Year’s and now, well, it’s freaking April. Oops. My bad.…

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    Thanksgiving Recap

    Hey, Loves! Just wanted to let you know that I survived Stressgiving. And it turned out to not be so stressful in the end. Chaotic? Yes, but in a good way. It wouldn’t be a holiday with my family if it were anything less. We had a lovely time and ate some pretty yummy food {if I do say so myself}. The table…simple and lovely. My sister and Husband. He was hard at work carving the bird, I think she was a little drunk. She had just finished explaining to me that she was going for “Modern Pilgrim” with her outfit. Let’s just say it was a fun Thanksgiving… XOXO,

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    Happy Stressgiving

    Hey, Loves! I had a different post planned for today but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year and as much as I promised myself not to get stressed out….I’m totally freaking stressed out. As of right now, I have to take the dog to the groomer, go pick up my turkey, go get my phone off my desk at work where I left it last night (doh!), make one more stop at Target for a few last minute things including a replacement for the doughnuts that were supposed to be for Friday morning that my children just sniffed out of their hiding place and…

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    DIY Glittery Thanksgiving Garland

    Hello, friends. I have a really cool little DIY Thanksgiving project to share with you today. I’m seriously in love with the way it turned out. Like, I keep walking past it and stopping to admire it and then I say to whomever is standing within ear shot, “I really love that. Isn’t it cool? I’m so proud of myself.” By now my family’s eyes have begun to glaze over and they just reply with a patronizing, “Yeah. It’s great.”  That’s why I’m so glad I have you guys. You’ll understand. It’s a glittery Thanksgiving garland for the mantle. I really love it. Isn’t it cool? I’m so proud of…

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    A Peaceful Fifteen Minutes

      Happy Sunday, Loves! So, this morning I attempted to do one of those photographic “day in the life” journal post things to share with you. I got through the first 15 minutes of my day and then I sorta forgot to keep taking photos. So I gave up. That totally sucks for you because my day has been pretty exciting. Not really. For reals though, I’m going to attempt to do it again sometime. It looks as though I’m going to have to work my way up to the whole day. The level of motor planning involved in photographing your entire day is clearly beyond me at the moment. …

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    A Classy Thanksgiving-The Reprise

      Hey Guys. So I’m a big cheater cheater pumpkin eater today. I’m reposting a post from November of last year. I figure I can get away with it since 99% of you were not FUMC readers at that time. Heck, I barely read this blog back then. Also, this is a great green bean casserole recipe and I thought you may like to have it before Thanksgiving this year. You’re welcome. xoxo,Jen  _______________   I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope all of you did too!  The best part of my holiday is pictured above…Oh, Mr. Man-please stay six forever… Unlike last year, I did not host 237 people at…

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    A Fun To Do List

    Some of the very best moments in parenting are those in which your children teach you about life.  We adults can get bogged down the mundane-ness of every day to the point where life can feel like one big obligation after another. There’s always more to be done. Especially if you’re a parent. Always another meal to make, an ouchie to kiss, and a nose or a mouth or a butt to wipe. Another thing to scratch off the to do list while three more get added on to the end. It never ends. And mostly, it’s not very fun. I was mindlessly cleaning up the house the other morning,…