Inspiration Sunday

A Peaceful Fifteen Minutes

Happy Sunday, Loves!
So, this morning I attempted to do one of those photographic “day in the life” journal post things to share with you. I got through the first 15 minutes of my day and then I sorta forgot to keep taking photos. So I gave up. That totally sucks for you because my day has been pretty exciting. Not really.

For reals though, I’m going to attempt to do it again sometime. It looks as though I’m going to have to work my way up to the whole day. The level of motor planning involved in photographing your entire day is clearly beyond me at the moment. 

For now, I present to you a photographic journey through the first 15 minutes of my day…
My day started at 7am.  Normally, the kids fend for themselves for a good hour before Husband and I decide to roll out of bed on the weekends. It’s our passive aggressive way of getting back at those punks for all the sleep we missed out on when they were infants. We figure we’ve got a good year of sleeping in on weekends left before we’re even. At least.

But, this morning Mr. Man had a friend sleep over so I felt the need to act like a normal mother and actually wake up before the kids. Ugh.

This was the lovely view from the deck bright and early this morning. The sky was just beautiful today.


This was another view from the deck. My dog doing her morning business. Just keeping it real.
When I was finished taking in the lovely view and Skyler was finished with her morning routine, we headed inside. I managed to brew a cup of coffee, take one sip of that and one bite of a doughnut before the kids came tearing down the the stairs. And that was the end of the peaceful part of my day. It was fun while it lasted. *Sigh*
Later in the day I did manage to unleash my inner Martha so I’ll have a cool Thanksgiving DIY situation to show you tomorrow. How excited are you? You should be very excited. Glitter was involved. And a glue gun. That’s all I’m saying.
How was your day, everyone? I hope you all got a chance to reflect and relax. 
{Even if was only for fifteen minutes}. 

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