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A Fun To Do List

Some of the very best moments in parenting are those in which your children teach you about life. 

We adults can get bogged down the mundane-ness of every day to the point where life can feel like one big obligation after another. There’s always more to be done. Especially if you’re a parent. Always another meal to make, an ouchie to kiss, and a nose or a mouth or a butt to wipe. Another thing to scratch off the to do list while three more get added on to the end. It never ends. And mostly, it’s not very fun.

I was mindlessly cleaning up the house the other morning, and my inner voice was grumbling and complaining about how tired I was and how much I had to do before I could relax. I was crabby and worn out and feeling like if I had to remind those children of mine one more time not to leave all their crap in places it shouldn’t be left I was going to drop kick one of them into space.

And then I came across this:

Mr. Man and Miss A had been conspiring with a notebook in the corner earlier in the morning and this is what they had been working on.

It’s a To Do list.  Only a fun one. They made a “Fun To Do List.” What adult would think to do that? They actually went through their list and checked each fun thing off as they went. I had no idea what they were doing was so goal oriented that morning. I thought they were just being goofy kids and frankly, I was just glad they were staying out of my way. 

My children inspired me that day. Their pure joy for the mundane of that day was so…childlike. And wonderful. And Brilliant. I want to be more like them. 

If I’m not having fun then, by God, I’m going to drum some up. And heck, why not keep this fun organized? There’s nothing wrong with systematic fun.  Fun is fun. We all need to have more of it.


Mr. Lincoln got it right with this quote. Happiness is a choice. A choice I’m choosing. I choose fun.

In fact, I made my own list:

{To be clear, I’m not going to necessarily going to do all these things in one day or in this particular order. I realized after reading this again it looks like I intend to take down an entire bottle of wine, drunk dial a bunch of people, force my kids to do some wacked out crafts, endanger their safety and jump on my bed like a crazy person and then pass out in the middle of the day. Not actually the image I was going for. But you get the idea.)

Life is fun! Act like it!I’m going to try and accomplish as many of these things as I can this weekend.

What about you guys? What fun things are YOU up to this weekend? Comment below and fill me in! I’ll pick my favorites and link back to your blog in Monday’s post!
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 Have some fun today!


  • Anonymous

    I love this post. It has been a long time since "make my own breakfast" secured a spot on my FUN list! My fun to-do list actually looks a lot like yours but with a Salted Caramel Mocha in place of the Pumpkin Spice! I would also add: Take a great friend out to dinner to thank her for sharing her WDW expertise and loot. 🙂

  • MommyCAR

    I too love this post! And you know I'm a fan of systematic fun. 🙂 I think I'm going to try and work that term "systematic fun" in to my everyday vocab. Thanks! We are shopping for a big girl bed this weekend. 2.5 years in a crib is more than I could have asked for and she's all but outgrown it. ***sniff sniff***

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