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A Father’s Day That Would Make Martha Proud

Father’s Day turned out to be a lovely day.  We had both grandpas here for a BBQ which is actually called a “Grill Out” if you live in my neck of the woods. Or worse yet-a “Fry.”  As in, “Would you like me to bring over some brats for da Fry?” You need to be a real lifer around these parts to utter that phrase. 

It drives me insane…it’s not a “fry.”  We’re not “frying” anything.  There are no frying pans lying about.  No one is eating a fried egg or fried fish or chicken fried steak that I’m aware of.  There is a fire with a grill grate and there is meat on it.  We’re grilling it.  On a grill. 

But anyway…I digress (who? me? never!).   Like I said, we had both our dads here for a little get together.  The kids made their grandpas some custom made grilling aprons to go with their new grilling (not frying) utensils.  They were a big hit and turned out to be very  nice.

We also made some insanely cool lawn mower cupcakes for the occasion.  You heard me.  I said lawn mower cupcakes.  I know this is somewhat of a sexist and odd choice for a Father’s Day themed baked good but what can I say?  They were cute.  I can’t wait for my husband to whip up some ironing board cupcakes next Mother’s Day.  But again, I digress…

I got the ideas for both the aprons and the cupcakes over at the Family Fun website. 

Miss A loved this little project.  We got an apron from the craft store along with some fabric paints and we were off! It worked well to tape of a section with masking tape for the 3 year old so she wouldn’t ruin her older brother’s hard work.

My boy took this very seriously as he does with everything he attempts.  It was his idea to paint a hamburger, a hot dog, a baseball and a glove.  Cute!

The final product!  They turned out really nicely…even though I’m a moron and forgot to put newspaper or something down first.  I’ll be scraping fabric paint off of the patio table until Halloween…

Lawn Mower Cupcakes!  We used Skittles instead of M & M’s as My Boy has a peanut allergy and red licorice instead of black (black licorice is from the devil-blech!).

These were actually really easy and fun to make.  Trust me, if I’m saying that it’s really true.

Are you having any thoughts resembling, “Oh dear God, she’s one of those moms.  One of the ones that’s constantly trying to one up Martha Stewart.  Ugh” ?  If you are, really- it’s ok.  Looking at this picture actually makes me want to punch myself in the face so I completely understand…
So, our day was grand.  I think all the dads felt very appreciated.  I hope my husband did.  He seriously is such a great dad-one of those guys that slipped so seamlessly into the role that you would never know that he had once been a self-centered twenty-something that had never looked directly at, let alone held, a baby before.  His progression into this amazing, hands on, nurturing, caring father has astounded me.  I am proud to be the mother of his children.  Amen.
Have a wonderful Monday everyone,

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  • Ellen

    Sorry Jenny – I have to disagree aboout red licorice. It's like white chocolate … no such thing! I do like the cupcakes. Adorable. I think you can outdo Martha any day.

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