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A Fabulous Photography Book for Moms

Happy Wednesday, my friends!
Just a quick post since this week is already kicking my ass.  I’m so tired right now I could fall asleep with my eyes open and it’s only 7pm.  I still have to do the dishes, make cupcakes (more on that another day), get Miss A in her jammies, (I’m not even dealing with bathing her.  She’ll just be the stinky kid at school tomorrow and I’m completely okay with that) check Mr. Man’s homework after he and his dad get home from religious education class in an hour and a half,  and the lists goes on….

But, lest I bore you with my whining and martyrdom further, I will move on to what I wanted to share with you.  I’ve been dying to share this book I discovered recently that I’m just absolutely in love with. 
In fact, I loved it so much that I sent my BFF a copy for her birthday a couple weeks ago.  It’s a photography book by Tracy Clark that comes from the angle of capturing the essence of motherhood in the day to day.  It encourages you to not just capture the traditional milestones but also those little every day moments that will soon be forgotten and gone forever. It has inspired me to look at photography more creatively and from a different perspective.  The photos inside are just gorgeous!
It’s been my goal for a long time to save up for a DLR camera and to take a photography class and this book has totally fired me up to accomplish that.  There just always seems to be something far more practical to spend $600 on (like, you know, food for example). *Sigh*

But anyways you guys, check out this book-it’s so, so beautiful.  I can’t wait for the next person I know to get preggo, this would make an awesome baby gift!

BTW-this is just a genuine plug for a book I like, not in anyway a paid advertisement.  Just in case you thought I was so amazing and influential that the author and/or publisher thought it would be a great investment to advertise on my little blog. I mean, I know I’m awesome but it will likely be a while until the people beyond the seven of you reading this right now begin to notice. 😉

I’m linking up for Wonderful Wednesday!


Enjoy the rest of your week!




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