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    I’m alive, back from my travels…I haven’t forgotten about you.  I’ve just been a bit under the weather.  A lot under the weather.  I’ve never been so freaking sick.  I’m on day 7 of the world’s most aggressive sinus infection in the history of sinus infections.  If someone could remove the cinder block that has taken up residence on my face that would be much appreciated.  I have never seen so much green mucus in one place before.  And I have children.  Okay…I’m done complaining.  Not really, but I’ll stop for now.  As you can see-I’ve entered the Woe is Me phase of my illness.  I’m done with being a…

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    Swimming Lessons

    ´╗┐Have I mentioned how much I love where I live?  I do.  It’s such a nice feeling.  We moved here just last October so we are enjoying our first summer in this smallish town.  My dream is that eventually we’ll have actual friends here in our neighborhood to socialize with. Hang out on each other’s decks, watch each other’s kids, gossip about which ever neighbors aren’t around…that kind of thing.  But it turns out that in order to make friends you have to go and introduce yourself to people and get to know them.  People don’t apparently knock on your door and say, “Hi!  I heard you’re new in town! …

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    A Father’s Day That Would Make Martha Proud

    Father’s Day turned out to be a lovely day.  We had both grandpas here for a BBQ which is actually called a “Grill Out” if you live in my neck of the woods. Or worse yet-a “Fry.”  As in, “Would you like me to bring over some brats for da Fry?” You need to be a real lifer around these parts to utter that phrase.  It drives me insane…it’s not a “fry.”  We’re not “frying” anything.  There are no frying pans lying about.  No one is eating a fried egg or fried fish or chicken fried steak that I’m aware of.  There is a fire with a grill grate and there is meat on…

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    Coffee Cup Flower Pot

    Update: If you happened to land on this post because you were searching for where to buy a “coffee cup flower pot” I got this one at Menards, but you can find them at most major home/gardening stores.  A quick post to share a few pictures of the new flower pot I got the other day.  I saw these outside of a little cafe in my town and went on a mission to find one for myself.  You can read about my find here. I can not tell you how inexplicably happy this coffee cup flower pot makes me in all it’s quirky polka-dotted glory. Miss A had to get into…

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    Our Morning Adventures at the Zoo

    My sister and I took our three kids to the zoo this morning.  This is a picture of me and my babies about to depart on the Zoo Train.  If you live within a 100 mile radius of this zoo and you have little kids, there is no way you don’t  have this exact picture somewhere in your files.  All is well in this moment…and then the train whistle sounded and Miss A lost her mind.  Her pleasing personality did not reappear for the rest of our stay. Introducing my darling sister and her darling little boy.  He was digging the train and incredibly amused by his cousin’s shrieks of terror.…

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    I had the craziest day today.  Good crazy, but crazy.  It was crazy cause of all the spontaneity but those are the days that really get me going.  It was supposed to be a boring rainy day that started off with a dentist appointment for my little darlings and ended with cleaning the house frantically before my sister and nephew arrived for a visit.  Instead we went straight from the dentist to an impromptu trip to the hardware store since I happened to hear on the radio that they had weed wackers on sale.  I love a good weed wacker sale, what can I say?  (Also-my darling husband/father to my children…

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    FUMC Got a Makeover

    Just a quick note to let you know that I have a new look! You know, if that wasn’t already very obvious. Let me know what you think!  I took some tips from For The Love of Blogs and cleaned things up a bit and made myself a snazzy new banner.  The tips and tutorials for newbie bloggers like me that they have over there are so beyond helpful.  For real.   I still have so much to learn on several levels but I’m having so much fun doing it….my cup is definitely filling as we speak.  Any other tips/suggestions/feelings/or random thoughts regarding blogging 101 would always be greatly appreciated.  That is all. xoxoJen

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    Banana Berry Smoothies!

    We are anxiously awaiting the start of the U Pick Strawberry Season here in Wisconsin…it’s gotten off to a slow start due to the unseasonably cool (and by cool I mean that I think a few days ago it actually got down to 40 degrees) spring we’ve been having.  Last year was my first experience with picking strawberries and I’ve been dreaming thinking about it ever since.  There’s a big farm not far from here that gives you a hay ride out to the fields and drops you off with your empty baskets and lets you go to town.  The kids loved it last year and I can’t wait to take…

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    The Graduate

    It is officially the first day of Summer Vacation around here.  The day it really hits home that Summer has come…I should be running around like a looney tunes today, what with it being a week day morning and all…but I’m not.  I am drinking coffee and doing silly dances with my kids (I just retrieved the little game “London Bridge is Falling Down” complete with actions from the bowels of my memory-don’t ask me how) and I’m positively blissed out.  Blissed. Out.  So much so that I feel kind of guilty.  You would think I completely hate my job…I don’t.  It’s just that it can become so stressful…and adding…

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    Teacher Gift Idea

    Ahhhh, the sweet taste of freedom!  The school year officially ended for both my boy and I today at 12pm.  I have much to post regarding my boy Z’s Kindergarten Graduation, our summer plans and my general state of being after being released from the role of working mom just hours ago….but I can’t really wrap my head around any of those things at the moment.  I refuse to process that Z has finished his first year of formal schooling.  I will not accept that in 9 months time he has gone from a virtual baby to this big kid who knows things like how to read, and add numbers,…