100 Follower Giveaway!

Hello, friends!

As you may {or may not} have noticed, FUMC has shot up in follows in the last month or so. I’m seriously thrilled by that and so grateful to all of you guys for reading my silly little thoughts.
In fact,I was so excited when I hit 100 GFC followers last week that I decided to celebrate with a little giveaway. My very own giveaway! I’m becoming a big girl blogger! Crazy. I’m seriously thrilled that this little space of mine is growing a bit. I was hoping to maybe hit 100 followers by Christmas and it’s like, way before Christmas. Awesome.

The other day I got a chance to meet up with a few fellow bloggers from my area and one of them was Lisa from Wine and Glue. Lisa just opened her own Etsy shop called Hummingbird’s View where she sells the cutest prints to decorate your kids’ rooms. I fell in love with them and ordered a couple for Christmas presents for my nephews! 

I thought it would be really cool to share my find with you guys so Lisa has generously agreed to sponsor my giveaway! The best part is, she’s going to let the winner choose which type of print they would like! You have your choice of a nickname print, a dinosaur print, or the twinkle little star print! Score for you guys! 

If you don’t have kids of your own don’t hesitate to enter, these would be a perfect Christmas gift for a niece or nephew or a new baby gift.  Trust me on this. Parents love getting gifts for their kids that don’t involve a)5000 tiny pieces, b)extreme noise, c)hours of assembly or d) all of the above.
Here are some examples of her work:
She’ll take your child’s name and turn it into his or her very own dinosaur name! How cute is that!

Twinkle Twinkle is a go to lullaby around here…love this one!
These are my favorite and the ones I ordered for my nephews. Lisa will take up to 15 of the nicknames you have for your favorite kiddo and turn them into this fun print. If you’re anything like we were, our kids barely new their own names as toddlers since we called them so many crazy things other than their actual name. 
Here’s a link to the post where Lisa explains how she came up with this concept if you’re interested. While you’re there, look around her blog, it’s seriously great and her photography is awesome! 

Another service Lisa offers is creating a custom watermark for you to use on all your blog pictures (like the one she has on her image above). I think it’s a good idea to watermark all your pics especially ones that are likely going to end up on Pinterest. I totally need to start doing this. Lisa makes it super easy! For a mere $5 she’ll match the font to your blog’s title and send you the image file. All you have to do is save it and then it’s super easy to add it as an overlay on Pic Monkey.

Here’s a little sneak peak of tomorrow’s post using the watermark she made for me:
Nice, right?

So let’s get down to business. This is my first solo attempt at Rafflecopter so let’s all say a little prayer that it works.
The giveaway will run until 12:01 am (Eastern) this Saturday morning.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Okay, Loves. That’s it for now, good luck! By the way, I’m linking up with Carly and Molly for #Yolo Monday!




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